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Pow Bao

branding and identity for PowBao food truck by brennan and stevens

Pow Bao
Food Truck Branding – Photography – Design for print & screen – Marketing


Pow Bao is a company that loves contradictions. It serves delicately steamed buns from a big, bold food truck. Its small and unassuming menu is packed with flavour combinations that will knock your socks off. Even its name is cute but powerful.

brennan & stevens, restaurant branding
brennan & stevens restaurant branding

We used a holographic foil for stickers, vinyl signage and on food packaging so that when light hit them they burst in a rainbow of colours.

brennan & stevens restaurant branding

We wanted to celebrate all these mixes of sweet-but-fiesty attitude, so from day one our brief was to create a brand that packed a punch.

brennan&stevens restaurant branding