The benefits of a workplace pup


Evidence shows that work place pets reduce stress, promote healthy habits and make for a happier team.


Earlier this summer, we welcomed Friday, our chihuahua-cross pup, to the studio. And our newest team member has already become an ambassador for not taking life too seriously and for thinking more openly about our work.

Workplaces spanning all sectors are becoming more open to allowing pets to accompany their owners to work. And though progress is slower in Ireland than in other parts of Europe, we are seeing it as a growing trend and one that we are certainly advocates of.

For us, working in a creative industry means needing to have a constant supply of ideas and energy. This is something we’re used to and we have honed practices and habits that help keep our minds fresh and keep stress at bay. Having Friday in studio encourages more of this because it encourages us as a team to take time away from screens and to get some air by bringing her for strolls or for a quick run to the coffee shop. Perfect for giving heads time to think and problem-solve (and get some sunshine and fresh air) to get ideas flowing again.


Though Friday has only been with us a few months we are already seeing how much she brings to the studio. Her presence reminds us to take breaks from working on screen, which in turn encourages better thinking and idea generation away from the desk; ultimately contributing to stronger project outcomes.


Time will tell how Friday’s presence in the studio will benefit our business in the long run. But for now, if you’re considering adopting a workplace pet, here’s some research that’s been tried and tested to help make up your mind:

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Dogs help workers stay healthy and practice good working habits like taking breaks and getting time away from screens. 

Studies show 40% of millennials would like to work in a dog-friendly workplace, which helps with competitive advantage or retaining talent.

Workplace pets alleviate stresses associated with work.

Pet have been shown to promote team bonding and encourage better staff relationships.

In a nutshell, we hope to see more pets wagging their tails into businesses across Ireland and making the working-day a happier, productive (and more creative) place.