Growing your design business


Last Friday, our founders Clare and Freddie took to Offset’s yellow stage and chatted about their experiences growing a design business. If you are thinking of starting a design business of your own or are already in business and hoping to scale up, we’ve put together three key takeaways from Friday’s session:


brennan & stevens

1 Build a routine around your around day-to-day tasks and stick to it.

If you are first and foremost a creative it’s understandable if business knowledge doesn’t come naturally to you. But you’ve got to keep on top of the everyday business tasks if you want your company to grow. So, whether that is dedicating time to keeping track of your finances, time-sheets or pipeline work schedules, create processes (literally a step-by-step routine) that will allow you to update and maintain these in a way that fits into your day and won’t get sidelined for more appealing tasks.

take a few moments here and there and think about what you envisioned your business being when you started out.

2 Remember why you started.

This has always been a key one for us and continues to be something we go back to. As your workforce and workload grow it can be easy to get bogged down ticking-off tasks and responding to your daily avalanche of emails. But take a few moments here and there (even if it’s just while you are waiting in line for a coffee) and think about what you envisioned your business being when you started out. Are you steering your studio in the direction you want it to go? Are you going after projects that will challenge you creatively? Was there an area of the market you wanted to crack that has been dropped along the way? You chose this amazing (and often highly stressful) career path for a reason; call those reasons back and steer yourself towards them!

3 Look outside your industry.

There are great business practices and lessons to be learnt from all sorts of industries aside from your own. And you should be listening out for practices that you can apply to your studio or office to help it grow. Forget the differences in sector, product or audience, if it will help your business run more smoothly, try it, tweak it and if it helps keep it.

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