The continuing rise of the take-out


Takeaway sales are continuing to soar with customers choosing to eat-in, rather than dine-out. And with the offering becoming more desirable the trend is set to keep growing. So how can you make sure your product stands out in what’s becoming a seriously competitive market?

brennan and stevens restaurant design


Our social newsfeeds on a Friday night are becoming increasingly populated with images and stories of pizza boxes and take-out bags. If you are lucky enough that your customers are sharing photos of your product on their feeds, you need to make sure what you are sending them is up-to-scratch.

So take some time to think about your take-out offering and the journey from ordering to the door to the table. Is your packaging thoughtful or eye catching? Does it reflect your brand? Is your name or logo visible somewhere on the box? All these things will help re-enforce trust in your brand.

When your customers post photos of their takeout meals they are essentially advertising for you, often directly to your target audience.

What other messages are you sending your customers? Is your company invested in sustainability? If your wrapping is recyclable or compostable put instructions on how to dispose of the food wrappings once the food is gone.

brennan & stevens, platform pizza bar

And don’t forget to put in an extra message somewhere, if you’re building reviews online add a sticker or a small card to your take-out bag with details on how to submit a review. If you have a new product now is the time to let people know about it. You’ve got their attention, your product has made it into someone’s home. Make it count!